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hello x2

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BLUEVER Hello X2 is an easy-to-mount and simple-to-use peripheral that is used on any standard desktop monitor or laptop to instantly transform it into an interactive touchscreen with extra functionality. 

With the help of its built-in camera and infrared light bulbs, BLUEVER Hello X2 detects your moving finger towards the monitor and translates it into touch and drag mouse actions with high accuracy and no latency. 

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Hello X2 magically sprinkles touchscreen features to your monitor which detect and actuate various finger gestures, including click(short press), double-click, right-click(long press), swipe, touch and hold, touch and drag, draw\sketch\write with finger.

BLUEVER Hello X2 is configured with a camera and infrared light emitter. Any disturbances towards the invisible laser web caused by the movement of your finger in front of the computer screen will be detected by the camera and translated into accurate and immediate mouse actions.

IR accuracy.png

If you’re anyone who desperately misses a touchscreen on your MacBook Pro 2020 such as a photographer, a graphic designer, a presenter, a gamer, an editor or an artist, you will find Hello X2 extremely practical and useful.

BLUEVER Hello X2 is easy to mount on monitors of all sizes from 10” to 27”. It clips onto the upper right corner of the monitor and you should be able to find a firm fit by turning the screw by hand to adjust.

In case you switch to a new computer or monitor of different size or thickness, you can still use your BLUEVER Hello X2 with it. It won’t occupy any extra space on your table, and is so small and lightweight that won’t add a bulk of burden to your monitor.

 *The clip can be adjusted between 1 to 28mm. It also comes with a removable soft grip which allows for a secure and scratchless attachment to your monitor.


Once attached, turn on your computer and plug BLUEVER Hello X2’s USB connector into it to power up. The first time you use BLUEVER Hello X2 with your computer, it is important to calibrate it correctly. The process can be easily done by following the instructions given by the application installed on your computer. It takes just a few steps of about 1 minute and you only have to do it once. Power on/off, sleep/wake or upgrade systems on your computer won’t affect the performance of BLUEVER Hello X2.

The LED on BLUEVER Hello X2 clearly indicates its working status for your convenience:

  • Green - normal operation; 

  • Red - to be calibrated/driver to be installed or run; 

  • Yellow - sleep.

*Any change in the physical position or location of BLUEVER Hello X2 on your monitor or uninstall its software application require a re-calibration.

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